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MOU Signed with Staffordshire University

Sue Reece, Vice Chancellor of Staffordshire University, visited GZU on March 8, when two pieces of MOU were successfully signed.


A meeting was held by Vice President Zhang Qin to welcome this delegation, attended by representatives from Graduate School, Institute of Science and Technology, Office of International Relations, College of Music, College of Management, College of Physical Education, College of Computer Science and Technology, College of Mechanical Engineering, etc.

Zhang introduced the development of GZU, adding that Staffordshire University is an innovative university that has over 100 years of history. Students here in China are attracted by its  practical principles for education, and multicultural environment for study. GZU attaches great importance to the bilateral education, so the two memorandums of understanding signed today are expected to contribute to fruitful achievements of cooperation.


Sue Reece introduced the history, development, campuses, values, teaching work, discipline, and accommodation of Staffordshire University. Discussions were put on discipline and qualifications of degree until two pieces of MOU were signed.

Staffordshire University, a comprehensive university, was founded in Staffordshire in 1901, which aims to provide outstanding teaching performance. It ranks among top 10 in terms of teaching quality in The Times and Sunday Good University. It now has 15,000 overseas students.

Staffordshire University was the first one to teach computer sciences, such as network safety, big data, AI, and computer gaming design (gaming design PR, Community Management). It also has CISCO labs for students. Outstanding majors include industrial design, (Mechanical, Automotive, Aerospace ) engineering, Businesses (Marketing, Esport), and Sports Sciences (Sports therapy, Sports Teaching, Sports Psychology and Analysis ), Arts (Ceramics and Opera, Theater, Performing), which have a satisfaction degree of 97.5%-100%. Most of its would-be graduates would be employed 6 months before graduation.

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